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Sermon Illustrations about Church Service

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church Service to help bring your sermon to life.

Come, Now Is the Time to Entertain

Ligonier Ministries asked Americans a practical question about worship. “Must churches provide entertaining worship services if they want to be ...

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Engineers Anonymously Help the World

Remember when there were 144 time zones in the United States? Probably not, because Sandford Fleming, an engineer and railroad planner, proposed a global ...

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Our Servanthood Can Resemble a Garden Hose or a Sprinkler

One evening, while watering the garden, the sheer sacrifice of true service overwhelmed me. There amongst the tomatoes and parsley, I realized that most ...

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"The Incredibles": Conflict Between Home and Ministry

In Pixar's movie The Incredibles, superheroes have been forced into everyday life because of numerous lawsuits. This scene appears toward the end ...

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The Impact of Church on Children

My dentist is a member of my church. One of his employees has been considering coming to our church. She has no relationship with the Lord. She and her ...

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Declared "Redundant"

A while ago it was announced that a church in [the Anglican bishop of London's] diocese, St. Mark's in Mayfair, was being declared "redundant," ...

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