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Sermon Illustrations about Church Planting

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church Planting to help bring your sermon to life.

The Churches of Antarctica and the Moon

In an article in Vice, Brian Merchant argues that the first structure that humans will probably build on the Moon after they have completed building a ...

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Escaping the Cocoon of Christian Science

Katherine Beim-Esche tells a moving story of meeting the living God after escaping the cult of Christian Science:

After the terrorist attacks of September ...

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Finding Christ's Love in the Midst of Field Labor

California’s San Joaquin Valley not only boasts 17 billion dollars in annual revenue, it’s also home to over 100,000 laborers. The Harvest, ...

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God Pops Up in Africa

The movement in the Horn of Africa continues to make disciples, planting four new house churches every day. To date, they have seen more than 230,000 ...

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Church Growth in China

In spite of the fact that missionaries were expelled in the early 1950s and Christians endured severe persecution in the mid-1960s, the number of Christians ...

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Sacrificing Quietly

Jim Montgomery is a missionary. He once taught high school in San Jose, California. I remember when the Lord called him. After he was in the Philippines, ...

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Silas, Paul's Co-Author?

Silas is first mentioned at the Council of Jerusalem (49). As "one of the leading men among the brethren," he was chosen as diplomatic envoy ...

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