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Sermon Illustrations about Church Life

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church Life to help bring your sermon to life.

Church Finds Miraculous New Home

In 1876, a small Methodist church near the ocean in Swan Quarter, North Carolina was struck by a hurricane and damaged. It was restored, but another hurricane ...

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Trail Angels Help Travelers on Pacific Crest Trail

An article in the Chicago Tribune by Chris Erskine began: "By any measure, the Pacific Crest Trail is a beastly thing, an angry anaconda that slithers ...

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More Americans Are Living Alone

In his book Going Solo, sociologist Eric Klinenberg noted the following statistics about the new trend of living alone:

  • 32 million Americans live alone, representing 28 percent of all households.

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How Singing Together Shapes a Community

As a freshman at the University of Michigan I sang the Michigan fight song along with my fellow students—at football games, in the student lounge, ...

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How the Church Acts Like a Mother

An early church leader named Cyprian once said, "No one can have God as his Father who does not have the church as his mother." Augustine also ...

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Man Creates a Front Yard Patio to "Fish for People"

Steve Bankes had a remarkably simple idea for reaching out to his neighbors: he decided to put a patio in his front yard. A Chicago Tribune article showed ...

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Max Lucado Describes the Power of Practicing Hospitality

In Outlive Your Life, Max Lucado writes:

Long before the church had pulpits and baptisteries, she had kitchens and dinner tables. Even a casual reading ...

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Bride and Best Man Jump into the Ocean to Save a Life

In November 2010, a wedding party in Glenelg, Australia, was unexpectedly called into action right after the wedding ceremony. While they were posing ...

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Death by Loneliness

God said from the beginning: "It is not good for man to be alone." Data collected from 148 studies, involving more than 300,000 people, conducted ...

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Fa├žades Won't Do When It Comes to the Church

In his autobiography, Be Myself, Warren Wiersbe writes about his first church building project as a young pastor in Indiana. He and the church's building ...

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