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Sermon Illustrations about Church Discipline

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church Discipline to help bring your sermon to life.

Church Board Spurns Accountability, Protects Abusers

It’s ironic that Grace Community Church, pastored by John MacArthur, is located in Sun Valley, California, because its leadership seems committed ...

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Police Departments Reined in by Insurer Ultimatums

According to a report in the Washington Post, the most influential voices in police reform aren’t necessarily politicians or even other police officers. ...

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Accountability and Sexual Misconduct in the Church

A team of journalists at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram spent nearly nine months investigating a pattern of sexual abuse in a loose network of independent ...

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Augustine on Wolves within the Church

There are many sheep without, many wolves within.

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Tardy Discipline

Unfortunately most churches don't employ formal discipline until offenses are so terrible, relationships so shattered, and patterns so ingrained, ...

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Wesley’s High Standard for Methodists

John Wesley lived a disciplined life and was not afraid to hold other Methodists to a similar standard. His journal gives the impression that he spent ...

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Shaking and Rattling the Congregation

Pastors who give their congregations only what they want are seldom able to lead them to new heights. If Moses had listened to his congregation and appeased ...

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Repentance in the Early Church

Repentance was an involved process in the early church. Sin was seen not as a personal matter but as something that destroyed the unity of the church. ...

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A Point, Not a Pattern

After the Ananias and Sapphira incident, I wonder how long it took the apostles to realize God was making a point, not stamping a pattern.

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Start Small

Ask yourself what you would have done if you had inherited New York City five or ten years ago. Crime was out of control and more than half of the citizens ...

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