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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christian to help bring your sermon to life.

Churches Should Have a 'Love-Radius'

Bombs have what's called a "blast-radius," defined as the distance from the source that will be affected when an explosion occurs. Churches should have ...

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The Most Persecuted People on the Planet

Most people in the West would be surprised by the answer to the question: who are the most persecuted people in the world? A British paper reported that ...

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Muslim Man Provides Insights on the Church

In his book Vanishing Grace, Phillip Yancey writes about a Muslim man who told Yancey, "I have read the entire Koran and can find in it no guidance on ...

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Depression Era Theaters Gave a Glimpse into a New World

In our generation movie theater lobbies are plain but necessary entrances. They are a place where you deposit your ticket or purchase your popcorn, ...

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Man 'Steals' from Store Called 'Finders Keepers'

Ruben Pavon was driving down the road in Derry, New Hampshire when a store caught his eye. It was a large building with lots of stuff out front just sitting ...

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Secular Reporter Praises the Work of Evangelicals

In 2011 New York Times editorialist Nicholas Kristof wrote a column praising the work of many evangelical Christians. Kristof begins by noting that at ...

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Alleged Stradivarius Is Merely an Imitation

In an episode of the History Channel's reality show about a Las Vegas pawn shop, a man brought in a violin and asked for an appraisal. According to the ...

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Replicating Beatle George Harrison's Classic Guitar

Beatle George Harrison once said that the "first really decent guitar" that he owned was the Gretsch Duo Jet. The electric guitar, manufactured by Gretsch ...

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Religious Leaders Discuss Whether Religions Can Co-exist

National Geographic: In God's Name is a 2007 documentary that explores the views of 12 prominent spiritual leaders. Topics include calling, the presence ...

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How Those Outside the Church View Those Within

In their book UnChristian, author David Kinnaman highlights a number of troubling statistics from an extensive study by the Barna Research Group of those ...

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