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Sermon Illustrations about Christ, the Word

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christ, the Word to help bring your sermon to life.

Americans Believe in a Flexible Jesus

In his book Jesus Mean and Wild, Mark Galli references his interview with Stephen Prothero in 1994. During that interview, Prothero said:

Christians traditionally, ...

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Students Search for Meaning

According to Yale University law professor Anthony Kronman, students who begin their college careers today suffer from one glaring omission in their studies. ...

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Playing God

Advances in technology have allowed scientists to come closer than ever to the physical origins of life. But they are as far away as ever from defining ...

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Authors Auction Character Names for Charity

The title of an eBay auction from September 2005 reads, "Let Stephen King kill you in his upcoming book!" The auction was created by a nonprofit organization, ...

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Letters from the King

John Kass, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, recently wrote about a waiter named Bouch who works at a tavern in Chicago. Bouch decided to write to ...

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Love Letter from God

Many years ago, a doting groom penned a love letter to his bride. Stationed at a California military base thousands of miles away from his wife, James ...

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The Truth About Reading

Reading ought to be an act of homage to the God of all truth. We open our hearts to words that reflect the reality he has created or the greater reality ...

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Jesus: Human-sized God

Jesus was the audible, visible Word who expressed the heart of the inaudible, invisible God. Jesus Christ is God's great Visual Aid.

Origen, in the ...

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Jesus "Translates" the Father

In Just Like Jesus, Max Lucado writes:

There were a few occasions in Brazil when I served as a translator for an English speaker. He stood before the audience, ...

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