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Sermon Illustrations about Christ, substitute for humanity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christ, substitute for humanity to help bring your sermon to life.

Chief Gives Life for Entire Tribe

The famous Muir Woods in California are named for John Muir, famous explorer and naturalist. In his book, Travels in Alaska, Muir tells an amazing story ...

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Recall Notification

Recently I received in the mail a recall notice. It looked like a recall notice regarding my automobile. This one was different, much more personal. Stamped ...

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Burial Leads to New Life

Object Lesson:

Display pots of soil, a watering can, and a seed packet.

I am going to plant seeds in these pots. Over the next few weeks as we see them ...

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Brawling Hockey Player Learns Meaning of Pardon

Several years ago I heard Bob Sheffield of the Navigators tell a moving story of what it means to receive God's forgiveness. Before he became a Christian, ...

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Soldier Gains Entrance by Wounds

In 1863, during the Civil War, General "Stonewall" Jackson was accidentally shot by his own troops in 1863. His body was laid in the Capitol ...

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When Tempted, Think of Christ's Sacrifice

Author and pastor John Piper says:

We must not give a sexual image or impulse more than five seconds before we mount a violent counterattack with the mind. ...

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Abortion Guilt Removed

Pastor Lee Strobel shares this account:

We were doing a baptism service. We told people before they came up to the platform to be baptized to take a piece ...

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Principal Takes Student's Punishment

A modern parable: At a parochial middle school, a boy stands with back arched and hands clenched. "Go ahead, give it to me," he says.

The principal ...

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"Mulan": Child's Sacrifice for Father

Mulan is a Disney animation based on an ancient Chinese legend in which a girl becomes a national hero through daring acts of self-sacrifice and courage. ...

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God's Son Punished for Our Sin

A distressed father sat at the bedside of his comatose son, hurt playing basketball. At a crucial point in the game, the 16-year-old lunged for an errant ...

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