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Sermon Illustrations about Christ, substitute for humanity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christ, substitute for humanity to help bring your sermon to life.

Father Dies Saving His Daughter in Rockslide

On September 30, 2013 Dwayne and Dawna Johnson of Buena Vista, Colorado had the perfect day planned. The electrician and high school football coach and ...

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Father Takes a Needle for His Fearful Son

Recently I was sitting in a doctor's office with one of my young sons, and the nurse wanted to draw blood from him for a test. As you can imagine, he ...

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Jesus' Mercy for People Struggling with Pornography

In his book Closing the Window, Tim Chester shares the following quotes from men who have struggled with the guilt and condemnation that comes from viewing ...

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Woman Outraged when Suspected of Shoplifting

Author and pastor Fleming Rutledge tells the story of a friend named Sally who was falsely suspected of shoplifting at an upscale department store. Rutledge ...

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A Skydiving Instructor Takes the Fall for His Student

For her 54th birthday, Shirley Dygert of Teague, Texas, decided she needed some more excitement in her life. So this grandmother of three signed up for ...

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Christ's Identity Gift

In her book Because He Loves: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life, author Elyse Fitzpatrick writes:

Just in case you're unaware, identity theft occurs ...

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The Cross: Christ Descends into Our Sin

Theologian James R. Edwards retells the following true story to illustrate our need and Christ's response to our need. In August 1957 four climbers—two ...

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How NFL Rookies Make the Team

The 2010 website of the Chicago Bears football team presented a series of videos that followed the team's rookies from their first arrival at training ...

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Death: Our Enemy and Teacher

In Christ and the Meaning of Life, German theologian Helmut Thielicke tells the story of a young [soldier] who reached out to pick a bouquet of lilacs ...

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Firefighters Are for Weak People

Dave Dorr writes in an article on Resurgence.com:

Recently a firefighter in our church was told by one of his colleagues that belief in Jesus was for weak ...

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