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Sermon Illustrations about Christ, one with the Father

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christ, one with the Father to help bring your sermon to life.

Taking the Trinitarian Christ out of Christmas

Who is Jesus? Few questions could be more relevant at Christmas. Yet a new Lifeway Research study shows nearly half of Americans believe a Christological ...

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Jesus Is the Only Savior

In his book, Rick Mattson writes:

I’m not the one making the exclusive claim about salvation—Jesus is. He is the one who said, “I am ...

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Powerful Telescopes Search for Extraterrestrial Life

In a remote valley of northern California forty-two radio telescopes point skyward. The Allen Telescope Array is a new and powerful tool for an organization ...

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We Can't Understand a Story apart from the Context

Editor's Note: The following illustration from the book Fill These Hearts shows the need to put the Bible or theological statements into their proper ...

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The True God Particle

In July 2009, Parade magazine ran an article entitled, "The Race for the Secret of the Universe." It focused on Fermilab, a four-mile-round ...

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Apollo 11 and the Ascension

When you try to go to another world, there is incredible danger.

In January of 1967, there was a launch pad test of Apollo 1, which was to be the first ...

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Jesus Prays for Us

In his book entitled Prayer, Philip Yancey writes:

As Jesus once prayed for Peter, now he prays for us… In fact, the New Testament's only glimpse ...

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C.S. Lewis on the Deity of Jesus

I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about him: "I'm ready to accept Jesus as a great moral ...

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Gandhi Can't Compare to Christ

Author Michael Green writes:

Only Jesus fully understands God the Father. Great people have discovered and taught many true and noble things about God. ...

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Jesus: Human-sized God

Jesus was the audible, visible Word who expressed the heart of the inaudible, invisible God. Jesus Christ is God's great Visual Aid.

Origen, in the ...

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