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Sermon Illustrations about Christ, greatness of

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christ, greatness of to help bring your sermon to life.

The Only God with a Birthday

Jesus Christ is the only God who has a date in history.

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The Lamb and Lion

See the Lamb and the Lion

The Lamb says: simplicity, meekness, white fleece, smallness, innocence, purity, helplessness, submission to sacrifice. The Lion ...

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Jesus Tied for Fourth

Some years ago, the distinguished publishing house of Grosset & Dunlap brought together a panel of 28 educators and historians and asked them to select ...

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Our Everything

All we could ever imagine, could ever hope for, He is. ... He is the Prince of Peace whose first coming has already transformed society but whose second ...

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News from the Battlefield

The preacher brings a report from the battlefield of the conflict between Christ and Satan. The news is that for the whole of humankind Jesus Christ has ...

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Love Is Not Luv

Love should cast out terror, but not awe. True love must include awe. This is one of the great truths about sex and marriage that our age has tragically ...

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No Peace Without the Prince

Our trouble is we want the peace without the Prince.

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"Something" Happened

Many treatments of Jesus get bogged down in a discussion of the possibility of miracles; properly speaking, that is a philosophical rather than a historical ...

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What Do We Make of Jesus?

What are we to make of Jesus Christ? This is a question which has, in a sense, a frantically comic side. For the real question is not what are we to make ...

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