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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christ, greatness of to help bring your sermon to life.

Rare Coin, Rejected by 'Expert,' Sold for $3.1 Million

George Owen Walton was born on May 15, 1907, in Rocky Mount, Virginia. As an estate appraiser, he had first dibs on rare coins, guns, jewelry, stamps, ...

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Award-winning Writer Can't Get Over His "Jesus Phase"

John Jeremiah Sullivan, an award-winning writer who has been compared to the famous contemporary writers Tom Wolfe and David Foster Wallace, had what ...

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Book Ranks the Most Influential People Throughout History

In his book titled The 100, astrophysicist Michael Hart asks a provocative question: Who are the 100 most influential people in history? Of all the human ...

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Undercover Investigator Senses God's Sovereignty in a Brothel

In his book God in a Brothel, investigator Daniel Walker recounts his attempts to infiltrate brothels and gather evidence so he could release women and ...

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An Umpire Claims, "I Wrote the Rulebook"

In The Gospel of Matthew: God With Us, Matt Woodley writes:

A number of years ago, when I was playing in a friendly men's softball game, the umpire ...

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The True God Particle

In July 2009, Parade magazine ran an article entitled, "The Race for the Secret of the Universe." It focused on Fermilab, a four-mile-round ...

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Theologian Michael Horton on the Gospel

The gospel is not good instructions, not a good idea, and not good advice. The gospel is an announcement of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ.

—Michael ...

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John Ortberg on Following God Instead of Your Gut

In a sermon, John Ortberg said:

My friend, Jimmy, and his son, Davey, were playing in the ocean down in Mexico, while his family—his wife, daughters, ...

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Star of Survival Program on Getting Saved

When you get a chance to be saved, you gotta grab it.

—Bear Grylls, popular star of the Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild, in a commercial promoting ...

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Anti-clerical Pizza Man Helps Minister Appreciate the Gospel

Pastor and Author Matt Woodley writes in a blog post titled "Evangelized by the Pizza Man”:

My friend Emilio owns a tiny pizzeria that makes ...

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