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Sermon Illustrations about Christ, burden bearer

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christ, burden bearer to help bring your sermon to life.

Jesus Died Like a Garbage-Picker

This quote highlights how Jesus, in his suffering and death, stands in solidarity with any human being who suffers, especially the poor, the forgotten, ...

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Three Ships Overload and Get Lost at Sea

In January 1999 the North Atlantic commercial fishing industry saw a deadly string of accidents. In a 13-day span, the Cape Fear, the Adriatic, and the ...

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Some History Behind "I Am the Captain of My Soul"

In 1875 a British poet named William Ernest Henley published a short poem that expressed one way to cope with life's circumstances. The poem, called ...

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Research Proves That Men Really Don't Like Asking for Help

We've all heard jokes about the average guy's unwillingness to ask for directions, but compared to women, are men really less likely to ask for ...

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Psychiatrist Identifies the "Gauntlet of Silence" Among Men

In his book Invisible Men, Dr. Michael E. Addis tells the story about meeting a middle-aged man named Patrick. Although by all accounts Patrick was an ...

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Prayers from Haitian Christians Express Trust in God

Eleanor Turnbull, a veteran missionary to Haiti, collected and translated the prayers of the Christians who lived in the mountains of Haiti. These profound ...

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Former Basketball Star Jerry West Admits Struggle with Anxiety

In October 2011, hall of fame basketball player Jerry West released a book called West by West: My Charmed, Tormented Life. Instead of using this platform ...

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Doctors Identify "Broken Heart Syndrome"

In many fictional tales, characters die after suffering a devastating loss. The Bible often refers to the anguish of the "broken-hearted." But ...

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Father Takes a Needle for His Fearful Son

Bryan Loritts said in a sermon:

Recently I was sitting in a doctor's office with one of my young sons, and the nurse wanted to draw blood from him ...

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Young Boy Struggles to Move a Desk Without His Dad's Help

Kyle Idleman writes in “Not a Fan”:

When I started a new church in Los Angeles County, California, I found that I was overwhelmed with pressure ...

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