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Sermon Illustrations about Christ, as shepherd

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christ, as shepherd to help bring your sermon to life.

Two Sheep Lost

At Chancy Lutheran Church in Clinton, Iowa, the kids from VBS were preparing for their grand finale production of "The Good Shepherd." Guests ...

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Cows Know Their Master's Voice

Cattle-rustling is a major problem in Uganda. The Ugandan army daily attempts to reunite cattle with their owners. The biggest difficulty lies in proving ...

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Ira Sankey Delivered from Sniper

When Ira Sankey was at the height of his ministry, traveling on a steamer in the Delaware River, he was recognized by some passengers. They'd seen ...

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Wandering from God's House

On February 24, 2001, a one-year old Canadian girl named Erika somehow wandered out of her mother's bed and house and spent the entire night in the ...

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Our Comforting Shepherd

During the recent uprisings in the Middle East, Ron and Joke Jones, who serve with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Israel, communicated the following ...

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Our Guide through Perils

Bob, my father-in-law, hunts deer every fall in the mountains of north-central California. A number of farmers and ranchers in the area are willing to ...

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Shepherds or Mutton Farmers?

Back when the sacred authors used the imagery of the shepherd to depict Jesus, they had a clear understanding of the job description. A shepherd is needed ...

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Carried to Eternal Rest

I heard of a little lad named Kenny who developed leukemia. The disease progressed rapidly. Soon he was unable to go to school, then unable to go out ...

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