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Sermon Illustrations about Charity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Charity to help bring your sermon to life.

Online Typo Spurs Wave of Donations

Michael heard from a neighbor about a charitable cause that he wanted to support. So, he found the GoFundMe website and began the donation process. Michael ...

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Charity Director Sentenced for Fraud

When US District Court judge Sara Ellis sentenced Stuart Nitzkin to more than three years in prison, she noted that the case essentially boiled down to ...

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Former NBA Player Prosecuted for Charity Fraud

A federal judge recently sentenced retired NBA forward Kermit Washington, 66, to six years without parole for his role in a charity-related fraud scheme, ...

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When Humanitarian Relief Goes Wrong

In the wake of the destruction from Hurricane Harvey, Americans rallied to provide aid and relief. But not all of the "help" actually helped. Some of ...

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St. Nicholas—Patron Saint of Pawn Shops

Many people don't realize that Santa Claus, based on the real historical person of Saint Nicholas, a leader in the early church from the city of Myra, ...

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Young Men Give Most Often to World Vision

A recent (2013) survey by World Vision and Harris showed which demographic is most likely to give to a charitable donation. And the "winner" was a bit ...

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Tim Keller's "Sequel" to the Good Samaritan

We're all familiar with the parable of the Good Samaritan. A despised Samaritan stops to help a man who has been beaten by robbers. One of the main lessons ...

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The Four Levels of Charity

Ancient Hebrew wisdom describes four levels of charity. The highest level is to provide a job for one in need without his knowledge that you provided ...

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Early Church Leaders on Giving to the Poor

Ambrose (theologian and church leader, 4th century) wrote: "There is your brother, naked and crying! And you stand confused over the choice of an attractive ...

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The 93 Dollar Club

It all started at a Trader Joe's store in Menlo Park, California, in the summer of 2009. A woman named Jenni Ware was standing at a checkout counter, ...

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