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Sermon Illustrations about Care

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Care to help bring your sermon to life.

Police Share Tea After Lonely Couple's Call

Year ago Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline performed a song together entitled, "Have You Ever Been Lonely?" It appears someone has.

"What else could we do but ...

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‘Moments of Grace’ In the Face of Ebola

When the Ebola outbreak broke out in West Africa Dr. Ian Crozier signed up immediately with the World Health Organization, volunteering his skills to ...

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MS Patients Helped Most by Helping Others

In a study of 132 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), researchers formed two groups, one of people who met weekly to learn coping skills and another ...

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Preventing Suicide

Suicide has been in the news a lot lately. And unfortunately, many of us Christians don't know how to respond in a healthy way to issues of potential ...

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Stanford Researcher Designs the 50-cent Microscope

There's a wonderful story about a Stanford bioengineer who just created a remarkable 50-cent microscope. The creator, Manu Prakash, was concerned ...

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The Man Who Protected Babies with Down Syndrome

In 1958, a brilliant young medical researcher made a startling discovery—Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects about one in 700 babies ...

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Professionals Have Taken the Roles Once Filled by Family and Friends

In his book Bad Religion, Ross Douthat argues that as families have weakened and true friendships have waned, we have tried to fill the vacuum by relying ...

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Anthropological Evidence of Compassion

One day a student asked anthropologist Margaret Mead for the earliest sign of civilization in a given culture. He expected the answer to be a clay pot ...

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Love Makes a Winning Team

Lee Iacocca once asked legendary football coach Vince Lombardi what it took to make a winning team. The book Iacocca records Lombardi's answer: "There ...

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Winsome Compassion

I read recently of a teaching hospital that found one of its young resident students had a marvelous effect on children. They responded to him with delight. ...

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