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Sermon Illustrations about Capital Campaign

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Capital Campaign to help bring your sermon to life.

Fascinating Stats on Generosity

Who are the most generous givers? As a nation, America tops the charts. The three most charitable cities in America are all in Idaho. On average practicing ...

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Number of Nonprofit Charities and Foundations Nearly Doubles

According to research done by The Chronicle of Philanthropy and the Internal Revenue Service, there were 654,186 nonprofit charities and foundations in ...

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Spending Habits in the World of Virtual Games

Many use Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, but others use it to play games that involve virtual farms, virtual pets, ...

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"The Blind Side": Woman Changes Troubled Teen's Life—and Vice Versa

The Blind Side tells the story of Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a homeless African-American teenager who is traumatized by a terrible home life. He is ...

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The Beauty of One Street Person's Selfless Act

In Portland magazine, a priest at a Catholic church in Portland, Oregon, tells a story about a street person named Big Ben who came daily to the church. ...

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Man Gives to Beggar for Wrong Reason

Author Ed Dobson wrote a book titled The Year of Living Like Jesus, in which he tells the story in diary form of how he tried to live as Jesus lived and ...

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Anonymous Donor Pays Off Students' Debts

In May 2009, my family was in Azusa, California, because one of our kids was graduating from Azusa Pacific University. My wife, Nancy, was going to speak ...

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Little Girl Helps Family Discover "The Power of Half"

While waiting at a traffic light with her parents in Atlanta, Georgia, Kevin and Joan Salwen's 14-year-old daughter, Hannah, saw a black Mercedes coupe ...

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Why Kindness Trumps Riches

Like many American Christians, Keith Taylor has benefited from the generosity of other people in different times and different ways. For example, while ...

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Regular Attenders of Worship Services More Likely to Be Generous

An international Gallup poll shows that adherents of all the major world religions who regularly attend religious services (attenders) have higher rates ...

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