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Sermon Illustrations about Busybodies

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Busybodies to help bring your sermon to life.

Slander a Sign of Youthful Arrogance

It is a sign of youthful arrogance to try to build up a reputation by assailing prominent figures.

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The Tongue Is ...

Sometimes I think the whole Christian world is made up of just two groups: those who speak their faith and accomplish significant things for God, and ...

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Blessed Are the Restrained

We might have much peace if we would not meddle with other people's sayings and doings. ... Blessed be the true, simple, and humble people, for they ...

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Minding Our Own Business

We might have much peace, if we were of a mind not to concern ourselves with what others say and do, and which is none of our business. How can he long ...

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