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Sermon Illustrations about Burdens

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Burdens to help bring your sermon to life.

Bearing Each Other's Burdens

Last spring, Mr. Alter's fifth-grade class at Lake Elementary School in Oceanside, California, included fourteen boys who had no hair. Only one, however, ...

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Lord of the Now

It is generally much less difficult for us to commit the keeping of our future to the Lord than it is to commit our present. We know we are helpless as ...

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Excess Baggage

Having traveled full-time for 14 years doing concerts, I should have packing down to an exact science. But it's simply not so. Our family of four ...

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Buried Alive

We must be careful what we bury in our heart. To bury something does not mean it is dead. It may simply mean we have buried something alive that will ...

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Heartbreak Hill

There is another reason that we don't persevere. Sometimes we face "Heartbreak Hill." In the Boston Marathon, there is a legendary obstacle ...

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Count-It-All-Joy Parties

I know a pastor in Florida who used to have count-it-all-joy parties every now and then. He so believed this verse, that when he would face a difficult ...

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Devotion as Duty

How many Christians look upon it as a burden and a duty and a difficulty to get alone with God! That is the great hindrance to our Christian life everywhere. ...

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Taking Advantage of the Floor

When life knocks you to your knees--well, that's the best position in which to pray, isn't it?

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The Price of Leadership

Being a leader is wonderful. But it is not without its price.

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Bearing Another's Burden

In the Philippines I heard a local pastor use the following parable to illustrate Christ's offer of rest (Matthew 11:28) and the response of people ...

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