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Sermon Illustrations about Burden Bearer

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Burden Bearer to help bring your sermon to life.

The Danger of Standing Alone

A few winters ago, heavy snows hit North Carolina. Following a wet, six-inch snowfall, it was interesting to see the effect along Interstate 40. Next ...

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The Easy Yoke

I have often heard sermons on (Matthew 11), (Matthew 11:28) or (Matthew 11:29), but seldom has the sermon given equal weight to both verses. The reason? ...

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A Proverb for Our Times

There's an old Greek proverb that says, "The bow that is always bent will soon break." What that proverb seems to be implying is that the ...

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A Vision of Fatherly Love

At the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, the world watched as a parable of the father's love was played out on international television.

As the gun ...

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Bearing Each Other's Burdens

Last spring, Mr. Alter's fifth-grade class at Lake Elementary School in Oceanside, California, included fourteen boys who had no hair. Only one, however, ...

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Lord of the Now

It is generally much less difficult for us to commit the keeping of our future to the Lord than it is to commit our present. We know we are helpless as ...

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Excess Baggage

Having traveled full-time for 14 years doing concerts, I should have packing down to an exact science. But it's simply not so. Our family of four ...

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How to Be a Friend

Often the most loving thing we can do when a friend is in pain is to share the pain--to be there even when we have nothing to offer except our presence ...

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The Price of Leadership

Being a leader is wonderful. But it is not without its price.

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Bearing Another's Burden

In the Philippines I heard a local pastor use the following parable to illustrate Christ's offer of rest (Matthew 11:28) and the response of people ...

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