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Sermon Illustrations about Buddhism

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Buddhism to help bring your sermon to life.

Buddhist Poet Longs for a Deeper Hope

Author Os Guinness tells the hauntingly sad story about the beloved 19th century Japanese Haiku poet known as Issa. When he was a young child, Issa's ...

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The Uniqueness of Christ Proved by the Historical Records

All religions claim some sort of "revelation." Buddhism depends on the profound insights gained by Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) during his moment of ...

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Bach's Music Is Creating a Spiritual Revival in Japan

According to Christian author Nancy Pearcey, some parts of Japan are witnessing a revival through an unlikely source—the music of Bach. One Japanese ...

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The World's Four Major Religions Are Not Alike

The central assumption of many in the interfaith dialogue business has been that at their core, all religious people—Hindus and Buddhists, Muslims ...

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Religious Leaders Discuss Whether Religions Can Co-exist

National Geographic: In God's Name is a 2007 documentary that explores the views of 12 prominent spiritual leaders. Topics include calling, the presence ...

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Pew Forum Study Finds Evidence of Religious Confusion and Syncretism

In August 2009, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life conducted a survey to "explore the complexity of faith in the modern world and the overlap between ...

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Deepak Chopra on the Dalai Lama

Sometimes the uniqueness of the revealed Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ is seen most clearly when contrasted with other spiritual beliefs.

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Americans Identify Holy Books

A 2008 survey by The Barna Group asked 1,008 U.S. adults to list the books they considered holy. The only book to be listed by above 5 percent was the ...

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Americans Are Religious in Unpredictable Ways

A new report released Monday, June 23, by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life demonstrates the myriad ways that faith in America is more variegated ...

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Economist Offers Stunning Prayer

Arthur Burns, a Jewish economist of great influence in Washington during the tenure of several Presidents, was once asked to pray at a gathering of evangelical ...

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