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Sermon Illustrations about Brotherly love

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Brotherly love to help bring your sermon to life.

I Am Not My Brother's Judge

The secret of our relationships with one another in the Christian Church, especially when we have our differences, is "Jesus Christ is Lord." ...

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World Love Isn't Real Love

Christians state glibly that they love the whole world, while they permit themselves animosities within their immediate world. World love is a philosophical ...

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Emotional Needs Come First

Meeting the emotional needs of people comes first. They want to know, "Do you like me?" and "Can I find a place here?"

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Trading Brothers

An expectant friend with sons 4 and 2 asked the older one, Ben, if he would like to have a new brother. After careful thought, Ben replied, "No, ...

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True Strength

Do you remember Gayle Sayers and Brian Piccolo, the star backs for the Chicago Bears? One was a black man; one was a white man. They created quite a sensation ...

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The Exercise of Love

Let none pretend that they love the brethren in general, and love the people of God, and love the saints, while their love is not fervently exercised ...

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