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Sermon Illustrations about Boasting

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Boasting to help bring your sermon to life.

CEO Thinks He Is a Self-Made Man

Author John Ortberg writes:

Not long ago, there was a CEO of a Fortune 500 company who pulled into a service station to get gas. He went inside to pay, ...

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Carried by Others

The Jewish poet and storyteller Noah ben Shea tells a parable that serves as a valuable reminder of the roles we play in life:

After a meal, some children ...

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Geraldo Demonstrates Emptiness of World's Promises

In 1985, just after leaving 20/20, Geraldo Rivera was at the top of his game as a journalistic investigator. In a matter of moments in 1985, however, ...

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Let Me Tell You Something ...

If you're in a social situation, and women are talking to each other, and one woman says, "I was hit by a car today," all the other women ...

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Not Always Good

I came across a collection of letters that children wrote to Santa Claus. Some of them were pretty good. One said, "Dear Santa, you did not bring ...

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Spiritual Boasting

Spiritual things are not to be boasted of. One can boast of worldly riches, and the paper money will not fly away unspent nor will the amount magically ...

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Pride Goeth Before a Fall

Homiletics (Jan.-Mar./96) told of a turtle who wanted to spend the winter in Florida, but he knew he could never walk that far. He convinced a couple ...

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