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Sermon Illustrations about Blindness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Blindness to help bring your sermon to life.

Resident Regrets Snap Judgment of Patient

Dr. Katrina Firlik was the first woman admitted into the neurosurgery residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Her recent book, Another ...

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Restaurants That Choose Darkness Over Light

Imagine eating at a restaurant devoid of light. Hard as it is to believe, some people are choosing to dine that way. Following a growing trend, sightless ...

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Attitude Adjustment

Inspirational speaker and writer Barbara Johnson tells this story:

The day had not started out well for a certain woman. She had overslept and was late ...

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Seeing the Unseen

Every animal on earth has a set of correspondences with the environment around it, and some of those correspondences far exceed ours. Humans can perceive ...

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The Joy of a Blind Child

Many years ago a little girl was totally blind. She was blinded as an infant as the result of an accident. She lived to be over 90 years old. She became ...

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Skiing Blind for Christ

On a recent ski trip, I saw to my surprise a blind person skiing. The blind skier, wearing a bright pink vest, stayed directly behind an instructor, listening ...

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Bible: No Longer Dead

For years the Bible was a dead book to me ... like grits without salt. But after I gave my life to Jesus Christ, it became alive. I saw that the Bible ...

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See What You Can See

A Coloradoan moved to Texas and built a house with a large picture window from which he could view hundreds of miles of rangeland. "The only problem ...

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