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Sermon Illustrations about Beginnings

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Beginnings to help bring your sermon to life.

Rookie Pitcher Allows a Record Four Home Runs

Every baseball player dreams of making it to the majors, but to set a record within the first week would be something really special. Chase Wright, a ...

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Marriage Saved After Receiving Christ

Shawna Pilat had had enough. It was Sunday morning in January of 2000, and her husband, Rick, still wasn't home from his Saturday night partying. "I was ...

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How the Gospel Came to Mongolia

Bill and Amy Stearns, in their book 20/20 Vision, relate how the gospel came to Mongolia:

In the 1870s Swedish missionaries arrived in Mongolia—what ...

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Most Teens Believe God Created

Percentage of teenagers who believe God was involved somehow in creating humankind: 81

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Firefighter Survives First Fire

On December 10, 2004, a five-alarm fire raged in Chicago's LaSalle Bank Building.

More than 450 fire personnel were involved in battling the blaze. Chicago ...

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State Wastes Money on Non-existent Problem

In 2002, the state of Missouri awarded a grant to their police department's Youth Outreach Unit. The purpose of the $273,000 grant was to battle Goth ...

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Lewis and Clark: Small Beginnings

In 1804, Thomas Jefferson commissioned Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to find the source of the Missouri River, and from there to discover a relatively ...

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Returning to "Go"

The oft-enjoyed game of "Monopoly" has one card that is discovered occasionally when someone lands on "Chance": "Return to 'Go'-collect ...

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Delayed Recognition

On a plaque marking Abraham Lincoln's birthplace near Hodgenville, Kentucky, is recorded this scrap of conversation:

"Any news down t' the ...

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