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Sermon Illustrations about Awe

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Awe to help bring your sermon to life.

Looking Hard in God's Direction

I've experienced God's presence most powerfully in worship, often during the singing, I suppose because when we sing to him, we are looking hard ...

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Shower of Surprise

One August night, my children dragged me to the backyard to watch a meteor shower. I reluctantly joined them thinking, I have so many details to tend ...

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Freed from Ego

A woman said to a guest at dinner, "We say grace at dinner each day to remind us around here that there is something bigger than our egos." ...

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What Makes Worship Meaningful

Ultimately transcendence is what makes a worship service meaningful.

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Love Is Not Luv

Love should cast out terror, but not awe. True love must include awe. This is one of the great truths about sex and marriage that our age has tragically ...

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Composer and Score

An awe for the composer, God, is necessary before a pastor can fully understand his score, the Bible.

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