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Sermon Illustrations about Attendance

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Attendance to help bring your sermon to life.

Worshipping with People We Didn't Hand-Pick

Writer and NPR commentator Heather King, a recovering alcoholic who has come to faith in Christ, reflected on her initial experience with the church:

My ...

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Actions of One Soldier Affect Everyone in the Platoon

For fifteen months journalist Sebastian Junger followed a single platoon of U.S. soldiers stationed in a dangerous part of Afghanistan. Living and working ...

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Church Shows Love to New Age Visitor

Pastor Clark Cothern tells this story to illustrate how God speaks to us through his Word:

A self-appointed New Age guru glided into our church wearing ...

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Taking Membership to a New Level

Forget your Members Only jacket. At Vintage21, a church in Raleigh, North Carolina, it's Owners Only. The church is eliminating the concept of membership ...

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Family Tragedy Testifies to Need for Relevant Ministry

In Change Your Church for the Good, author and pastor Brad Powell tells a story that serves as his constant reminder that the church is the hope of the ...

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Rich Mullins Loved the Church

Most people choose a church based on the quality of its service, but for Rich Mullins, the most important ingredient was not the dynamism of the leaders, ...

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10 Excuses Not to Attend Church

If you took the excuses people use for not going to church and applied them to other important areas of life, you'd realize how inconsistent we can ...

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Excuses for Missing Church

Why I stopped going to ball games:

1. Whenever I go to a game, they ask for money.

2. The other fans don't care about me.

3. The seats are too hard.

4. ...

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Steepled Health Center

Gregg Easterbrook writes in The New Republic:

"Recent studies indicate that men and women who practice in any of the mainstream faiths have above-average ...

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Cancer Cell Ideology

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.

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