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Sermon Illustrations about Asceticism

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Asceticism to help bring your sermon to life.

The Feast That Cost Everything

There's a wonderful story by Isak Dinesen called Babette's Feast, about a strict, dour, fundamentalist community in Denmark. Babette works as ...

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John Stott on Materialism

Comfort is dangerous, and we should constantly be re-examining our lifestyle. The New Testament is beautifully balanced on this. Paul avoids both extremes, ...

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Lenten Stillness

At my house, the TV is off. It will be until Easter. The first time this happened, it was unintentional.

Some years ago, a few weeks before Easter, a burglar ...

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Contrasting Law and Gospel

What the law tried to do by a restraining power from without, the gospel does by an inspiring power from within.

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God's Common Sense

Unfortunately, man cannot for long endure the common sense of God. Side by side with Christianity, and often mistaken for it, there has always existed ...

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