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Sermon Illustrations about Appetites

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Appetites to help bring your sermon to life.

Pete Rose Describes Gambling Addiction

After 14 years of denials, Pete Rose has finally come clean and admitted he bet on baseball while manager of the Cincinnati Reds.

Rose says he was a big-time ...

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When $15 Million a Year Is Not Enough

Born into a small house crammed with lots of people, professional basketball player Scottie Pippen didn't have much as a boy. But his journey into the ...

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Hearing Whatever We Want

Josh, 4, was visiting his grandfather and me. I told him he could have either cereal, pancakes, or waffles for breakfast.

He thought a moment, looked ...

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Prayer Is No Wish List

Your cravings as a human animal do not become a prayer just because it is God whom you must ask to attend to them.

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