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Sermon Illustrations about Apology

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Apology to help bring your sermon to life.

Stolen Chair Returned 18 Years Later

One night before Christmas, Clay and Velma Lykins of Jefferson County, Kentucky, stepped onto their porch to turn off the Christmas lights and saw a large ...

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Woman Writes Letter to Her Aborted Children

Patricia Raybon honestly shares the regret and grief she carried after aborting two children. She writes, "I had told myself that an abortion would end ...

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The Difference between an Apology and a Confession

In the wake of numerous public confessions by fallen politicians, sports figures, and business executives, in her book The Art of the Public Grovel, Susan ...

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President Reagan's Daughter Regrets Their Broken Relationship

In the early 1980s, Patti Davis was passionately opposed to the buildup of nuclear weapons. She constantly spoke at rallies criticizing the nuclear arms ...

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Sixty Years Later, Man Wants to Return Stolen Cap

In the fall of 2011, Pete Richeson walked into the sheriff's office to turn himself in for something he did nearly six decades ago.

While attending ...

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Famous Mountain Climber Struggled to Forgive

Many mountain climbers regard Italian Walter Bonatti as the greatest climber of all time. In 1954, when he was 24-years-old, he was the youngest member ...

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Missionary Finds Freedom from His Past

In his book When Charity Destroys Dignity, Glenn Schwartz describes how he confronted unresolved inner conflicts. During his time as a missionary in Zambia, ...

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Act of Forgiveness Changes Author's Life

When Shannon Ethridge was just 16 years old, an act of forgiveness and love changed her life forever. While driving to her high school one day, Ethridge ...

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"Ray": A Mother's Influence

Ray is the dramatic representation of the life of legendary singer Ray Charles. It portrays the struggles he faced for being black as well as blind.

As ...

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Pete Rose Sells His Apology

In his autobiography in 2004, Pete Rose finally admitted that he bet on baseball games while employed as manager of the Cincinnati Reds—an infraction ...

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