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Sermon Illustrations about Anger, Divine

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Anger, Divine to help bring your sermon to life.

Coach Chases Down School Shooter

On February 27, 2012, 17-year-old T. J. Lane from Chardon, Ohio, burst into his school's cafeteria and started gunning down classmates. Lane shot and ...

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Judge Sentences a Man for Yawning

Clifton Williams was headed to the courthouse in Joliet, Illinois to support his cousin, who was going to be sentenced. At the precise moment that Judge ...

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The Real 'Santa Claus' Rescues Three Innocents

History seems to confirm at least a few key details from the life of Nicholas of Myra, the real early church leader we know today as Santa Claus. One ...

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God's Love and Wrath Go Together

Miroslav Volf, a Christian theologian from Croatia, used to reject the concept of God's wrath. He thought that the idea of an angry God was barbaric, ...

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The Necessity of God's Wrath

The biblical doctrine of God's wrath is rooted in the doctrine of God as the good, wise and loving creator, who hates—yes, hates, and hates ...

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Judgment Is Good News

The word judgment carries negative overtones for a good many people in our liberal and postliberal world. We need to remind ourselves that throughout ...

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People Want to Be Lightly Governed by Strength

The sentence still jumps out at me from the middle of an editorial in The Wall Street Journal. It's been a long time since I read it, but it was one ...

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Students Shocked by Professor's Judgment

On the first day teaching his class of 250 college freshmen, R. C. Sproul carefully explained the assignment of three term papers. Each paper was due ...

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Man Unknowingly on the Wrong Side of the Law

Pastor John Beukema writes:

After moving to a new state, I walked into the Department of Motor Vehicles to get my new driver's license. Imagine my ...

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Madonna Warns About the Material World

In her 2005 documentary, I'm Going to Tell You a Secret, international pop star Madonna warned others about the evils and dangers of "the material ...

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