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Sermon Illustrations about Adoption

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Adoption to help bring your sermon to life.

Adopted Orphan Given a New Life

Joyce Daugherty, a member of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, traveled to an orphanage in Donetsk, Ukraine, and it was there that she ...

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Rejected Orphan Hears, "I Want This Child"

Pastor Lee Strobel tells this story:

Shortly after the Korean War, a Korean woman had an affair with an American soldier, and she got pregnant. He went ...

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"Toy Story 2": You're Valuable

In the movie, Toy Story 2, the voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen once again bring to life the animated heroes Woody and Buzz Lightyear, two action-packed ...

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How God's Children Change

When I was a child, my minister father brought home a 12-year-old boy named Roger, whose parents had died from a drug overdose. There was no one to care ...

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Working for the Good

I was 35 and Will was 38 when we married, both for the first time. We decided to try for a baby our first year, but I had a tendency to miscarry and we ...

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