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Sermon Illustrations about Acknowledging God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Acknowledging God to help bring your sermon to life.

In Wake of 2011 London Riots, Rabbi Decries Our Moral Collapse

In the wake of the 2011 London riots, which included days of uncontrollable looting and violence, Great Britain's chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks decried the ...

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Professor Demonstrates That Moral Relativism Is Unlivable

In his booklet Absolute Truth, Mark Ashton tells the following story about a professor who demonstrates that moral relativism is unlivable:

Roger Wengert, ...

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Son Slow to Recognize the Real Gift-giver

To illustrate how we often fail to give God the thanks he deserves, Chuck Swindoll told the following story of a man he visited in a dismal veterans hospital: ...

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Most Teens Believe God Created

Percentage of teenagers who believe God was involved somehow in creating humankind: 81

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Baseball Pitcher Schilling Sustained by God

In the first game of the best-of-seven, 2004 American League Championship Series between baseball's New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, Boston's ace ...

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Hurricanes Show the Natural Hand of God

The onslaught of hurricanes, marching one after the other in the fall of 2004 prompted many people to think more about God. It is safe to say that there ...

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Ben Stein on Life's True Priorities

Author and actor Ben Stein has been writing a column published by E!Online for nearly eight years. Titled "Monday Night at Morton's," the column detailed ...

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September 11th Challenges Secularization Theory

David Brooks, New York Times columnist, confessed: "Like a lot of people these days, I'm a recovering secularist. Until Sept. 11, I accepted the notion ...

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Why Theology Is Necessary

Theology is necessary because truth and experience are related. While some would deny, or at least question this connection, in the long run the truth ...

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Protestants and Catholics Who Don't Believe in God

Self-identified Protestants who say they don't believe in God: 10 percent.

Self-identified Roman Catholics who say the same: 21 percent.

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