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Sermon Illustrations about Accepting Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Accepting Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

Rock Climbers Learn to 'Get on the Wall

Todd Skinner was one of the most respected rock climbers of his generation, but his greatest challenge was tackling Trango Tower, the world's highest ...

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People Resist Exiting Dangerous Fires

Psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Grosz points to research that shows we usually don't respond when a fire alarm rings. Instead, of leaving the building immediately, ...

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Killing Patients to Save Them?

A recent article from the BBC opens with a line that sounds like it could be from a sci-fi flick: "'When you are at 10C [50 degrees Fahrenheit], ...

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Riding the First Elevators Required Act of Faith

You have undoubtedly been on an elevator that bears his name. Otis elevators have been the industry standard for more than 150 years. While Elisha Otis ...

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Christian Convert on the Run in Afghanistan

The New York Times profiled a 32-year-old man in Afghanistan named Josef. He briefly escaped civil war in his home country by fleeing to Germany, where ...

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Atheist Student Moved to Faith by Friends' Prayers

Putti Sok told her Christian college friends, "Leave me alone and quit praying for me." Putti described herself as a "Cambodian Buddhist girl," even though ...

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Student Bluffs His Way onto Basketball Team Staff

Virginia college sophomore Danny Foley just wanted to be part of his school's men's basketball team—even if that meant faking his way onto the court. ...

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Bill Gates Answers "Do You Believe in God?"

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, 58, was asked "Do you believe in God?" Gates said that he believes science ...

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What Happens in One Minute Around the World

A minute is a funny amount of time. It's long enough to notice, but it's too short to do much of anything with. There are only about five hundred thousand ...

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Natural Disasters Offer a "Decisive Moment"

In her book, Unthinkable, reporter Amanda Ripley investigated why some people survive disasters and others don't. After examining fires, floods, hurricanes, ...

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