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Emotional Fallout of Youth Sports Con

In August 2021, sports fans took note of the lopsided outcome of a football game meant to showcase the talents of highly touted high school prep stars. Broadcast on ESPN, the game was a shellacking, as IMG Academy triumphed over Bishop Sycamore, 58-0. The hapless Bishop Sycamore team was likened to the Washington Generals, the basketball club that served as traveling patsies for the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters. But after a recent documentary aired, audiences began to realize that this story was no laughing matter.

BS High was directed by Academy Award winners Martin Roe and Travon Free and aired on HBO. It tells the story of Roy Johnson, the coach who recruited and assembled the motley crew of football talent, promising them to deliver their dreams of college football stardom. Though it focuses mostly on Johnson, the documentary widens its lens to capture an unflattering portrait of all the various grifters who prey on high school athletes. Washington Post columnist Jerry Brewer called it “a thorough indictment of the youth sports ecosystem.”

Roe said in a recent interview “We didn’t approach this thing to find a villain. He turned out to be an incorrigible liar. We worked pretty hard to fight for the deepest truths we could uncover.” The documentary contains several disturbing allegations, including Johnson forging a check to pay for lodging, taking out COVID-19 relief loans in his players’ names, whipping a homeless man with a belt, and driving over geese to prove a point to his players.

Free said, “I hope parents who see this will realize the need to pay closer attention to the system and what it’s doing to their children. There were so many heartbreaking stories. That was one of the hardest things for me, having to watch a young person in real time confront emotions he never wanted to confront.”

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