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Big Sandwich Night: One Family's Tradition

When I was a child, my dad made up a fake holiday called Big Sandwich Night the weekend after Thanksgiving. On that night we got the longest bread we could find and built a big sandwich together and then cut it up and ate it. We got really fancy ingredients and each built our own section of sandwich before cutting it. Building the sandwich together represents community or teamwork. After dinner we would put our Christmas tree up and the holiday season was officially kicked off with Big Sandwich Night.

I grew up believing this was a real holiday that Americans everywhere celebrated until when I was eight-years-old. I asked a friend if they were excited for Big Sandwich Night and they were like “What are you talking about?” It kind of shattered my worldview, but we still celebrate it and I’ve spread the tradition to friends and partners.

Over the years as we’ve included more people, we’ve started having to graft loaves together to make a sandwich big enough for everyone. But it still communicates the core idea of everyone eating the same sandwich together in fellowship.

Possible Preaching Angle:

What a good idea to promote community with family and friends, especially in-person community.


John Farrier, “Big Sandwich Night: One Family's Tradition,” Neatorama (6-4-23)

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