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Woman Blessed After Returning Cash

Sixty-five-year-old Dianne Gordon had a job at VC’s Marketplace in Waterford Township, but she lived in White Lake Township. After her Jeep Liberty broke down, she was forced to commute by foot, a trip that took an hour each way. Gordon, who lives alone, said, “I didn’t have a choice. I had to have a positive attitude.”

Walking home in late January, Gordon spotted a plastic bag with almost $15,000 in cash—more than enough to purchase a replacement vehicle. But again, she felt she had no choice. “I just looked at it, and I knew it wasn’t mine,” Gordon said. “I knew what I needed to do.”

After contacting police, Gordon was informed that the money belonged to a couple who’d gotten married earlier that day. And police were understandably moved by her honesty—so much so, the spouse of one of the responding officers set up a GoFundMe account for Gordon.

Stacy Connell said, “As a police officer’s wife, I typically hear the bad things, so this was obviously heartwarming. I was hoping we could help her get a car, since she could have walked into any dealership and used that money.” In less than a week, the account swelled to over $60,000.

Gordon said she is stunned by the outpouring of generosity. She said, “I never expected anything like this. I am overwhelmed. I was just doing what I was taught to do.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Acting with integrity is its own reward; God delights in providing for those who put their trust in him and not in money.

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