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What People Take with Them in a Natural Disaster

When a disaster approaches your home, what do you take when you evacuate? Remember, you can save only what will fit in your car. Millions of Floridians faced that decision as Hurricane Ian bore down on the Gulf Coast in September 2022. The following month, many residents fled Hurricane Nicole. Elsewhere, raging wildfires led local officials to issue evacuation orders in Washington, California, Colorado, and other states in 2022.

One Floridian said, “We’re a family of five with a pet dog. We took several non-electronic games, building blocks for our youngest child, and portable electronics for the teens. We also packed several pairs of clothes per person, toiletries, laundry soap (to minimize incidental expenses), work laptops, the dog’s bed, pet food, and nonrecoverable paper documents.”

A woman from Florida gave the following list: “My husband and I took our five guinea pigs and two cats along with their cages and a litter box. We brought our medications, clothes, pillows, blankets, and some food and sodas. I wish I would have taken my jewelry.”

Another woman wrote: “I didn’t take anything of sentimental value for a few reasons. Being a Navy spouse, I learned long ago to detach myself sentimentally from things (for the most part). Moving fairly often, you have to let go of stuff.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

This would be a good illustration for the Lenten season – what do you need to bring with you in this season of Lent, or what do you need to leave behind? What are your priorities when you are forced to look at your life and possessions realistically?

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