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The Most Stressful Time of the Day

Sometimes, all it takes is a minor inconvenience to ruin your whole day. It has been revealed that the most stressful time of the day is 7:23am. On average people will experience three dramas each day, with the first drama of the day typically happening by around 8:18am. These stressful situations could be anything from being stuck in traffic or waking up late, to spilling things on clothing, and tripping in public which are also likely to make people feel foul.

The research found that tiredness, an interrupted night's sleep, and a busy day at work were among the top causes of such dramas. Zuzana Bustikova, a spokesperson for a wellbeing brand, said: "Often when we think 'drama' we think big, but the research shows how much of an impact seemingly small niggles can have on our daily moods.”

According to the survey, the following are some of the top everyday “dramas” adults experience:

  • Getting stuck in traffic
  • Spilling something down clothing (food, drink, make-up, toothpaste)
  • Waking up late and being late for work
  • Struggling to find a parking space
  • Forgetting bags at the supermarket
  • Public transport being cancelled
  • Sending a text message to the wrong person
  • Checking your bank balance and having less money than you expected
  • Clothes you want to wear being in the wash
  • Realizing an email you thought you’d sent is in your “drafts”
Possible Preaching Angle:

Taking small steps to build our emotional resilience, even on those difficult days, can make a huge difference in helping us live life to the fullest. For a Christian these small steps can include having a regular quiet time with God every morning. This will center our thoughts on him and give us resources to meet life’s frustrations and stresses that are inevitable each day.

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