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Kids Want Parents to Spend Less Time on Screens

In his extensive writing and speaking on the impact of technology, Andy Crouch frequently hears from parents who assume he’s going to talk about how to set screen time limits for children. Crouch claims that his research shows something surprising. When he asks kids what they think, they have strong opinions about their parents’ use of technology.

Crouch and his daughter Amy asked 13 to 21-year-olds: “If you could change one thing in your relationship with your parents what would it be?” There was one answer that clearly came up more than any other. The teenagers and young adults said, “I wish my parents would spend less time on their devices and more time talking to me.” That’s what the children said they wanted. Crouch concludes, “Issues of screen time and the use of devices is not a kids’ issue. It is a human issue.”


Andy Crouch, “Managing Family, Relationships, & Technology with Andy Crouch,” Reality San Francisco Podcast (4-7-22)

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