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Famous Actor: ‘I Guess the Plan Is Just Hope’

Robert Pattinson has experienced a great deal of career success. High profile roles like Edward in the Twilight series, Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter series, and most recently Batman advanced his career. But these parts were interspersed with less acclaimed films. He has had good years and bad years. And in a world where culture is shifting on a daily basis, it is challenging to project what roles will be a success and what roles won't.

He knows that fame is fickle. And you are only as respected as your last role. Which makes your next role the most important. Sure, his career choices look wildly different from ours. But like you and I, a lot is left to the unknown, uncertain, and seeming to chance.

In a recent interview, Pattinson, opened up about career choices: “I don’t want to make a mistake on what to do next ... You just have to kind of think: Well, my plan is maybe a miracle will happen and everything will be fine. Which is what I think everyone has been thinking for two years." He then concludes in an uncertain voice, "Just … Uhh, I guess the plan is to just hope?”

Possible Preaching Point:

The believer’s plans are not left to an uncertain hope, but to a certain one. We serve a God who opens and closes doors according to his will, allowing us to plan on a guaranteed hope for the future (Heb. 11:1; 1 Pet. 1:3).

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