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Grenade Found in Potato Processing Plant

At a suburban factory for processing French fries, workers discovered something on the conveyor belt full of potatoes: a World War II-era grenade. Manager Roland Spitaels said, “It looked very much like a muddy potato originally. But the guys were really calm and collected and they reacted in an extremely professional manner.”

According to the manager, police were summoned to the scene, who in turn called an ordnance disposal team from the New Zealand Defense Force. The military bomb squad identified it as a Mills bomb, a common WWII grenade. Upon subjecting it to X-rays, however, they found it to be non-explosive, likely used as a training device.

The manager told local news that the incident was the first of its kind during the factory’s three decades of operation. He hopes that police will return the grenade, so that it can be displayed in a trophy room.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Even something as simple as sorting potatoes in a factory can contain hidden danger. It’s not often apparent which situation life will throw at us. But by remaining calm and with the Spirit’s discernment we can be protected.

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