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People Buried with Their Precious Possession

In 1977, Sandra Ilene West, a flamboyant Beverly Hills oil heiress, was buried with her baby-blue 1964 Ferrari. Her grave is next to her husband’s at Alamo Masonic Cemetery in San Antonio, and it has become a tourist attraction.

In 1984, Willie Stokes Jr. of Chicago was interred in a coffin styled like a Cadillac Seville with functioning head and tail lights, an event immortalized in song by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Another Cadillac fan was Aurora Schuck, a native of Cuba who was buried in Aurora, Indiana, in 1989 with her red 1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertible. With the top down, the coffin was placed over the rear seats. Sixteen gravesites were required to fit the car, one of the largest Cadillacs made.

George Swanson of Pennsylvania had his ashes interred with his 1984 Corvette in 1994.

In 2009, Lonnie Holloway and his 1973 Pontiac Catalina went into the ground together in South Carolina. His sister said, “It’s something he always wanted to do, but I didn’t like it.”

Editor’s Note: Notice the title of the article —“You Can Take It With You, if the Grave Is Deep Enough.” Nice try. Of course, the following saying is far more biblical—“You can’t take it with you.”


Jim Motavalli, “You Can Take It With You, if the Grave Is Deep Enough,” The New York Times (2-24-22)

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