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Officer Gets Prison for Rough Arrest

A former Colorado police officer was sentenced to five years in prison in connection to his conduct during an arrest of a 73-year-old woman with dementia. Loveland Police officer Austin Hopp arrested Karen Garner after she reportedly stole about $14 worth of merchandise from a local store.

Footage from his body camera showed Hopp grabbing her arm, twisting it upward as he pushed her onto the hood of a car, then pushing her to the ground. Hopp was also captured on police surveillance video laughing and joking about his treatment of Garner as he reviewed the body camera footage with another officer. At one point he even called attention to the popping sound her shoulder made as he dislocated it.

Hopp entered into a settlement with the prosecution, pleading guilty to second-degree assault in exchanged for a reduced sentence. Garner received $3 million in compensation from the city of Loveland. Family members say that money will help pay for the medical costs incurred from the injurious arrest.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Servants in positional leadership must exercise humility when dealing with others, particularly those who have fallen into trouble.

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