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Software Engineer Warns of Cryptocurrency Danger

A soft-spoken software developer has become one of the leading voices warning the general public about the dangers of cryptocurrency. Molly White grew up like many of her peers--on the internet. In her teenage years she started editing Wikipedia pages about her favorite bands.

But more recently, she’s turned her attention to cryptocurrency, in part because she sees it as a potential threat. Her website covers the litany of scams and scandals related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. She started her research by trying to write a Wikipedia article on the term “Web3,” which had been in high circulation on social media by 2021.

I kept seeing the word everywhere, but no one was saying what it meant. Most of my disdain is reserved for the big players who are marketing this to a mainstream audience as though it’s an investment. They often promise it to be a ticket out of a really tough financial spot for people who don’t have many options. It’s very predatory.

She’s known about the technology for a while but it didn’t catch her attention initially because most of the people losing their money were tech-savvy and wealthy. But eventually that changed. White said, “People are putting in money that they can’t afford to lose. They thought this might be their ticket out of poverty or they can finally stop working that minimum-wage job and then all their savings are gone.”

White’s daily posts are so popular, says Wikipedia editor Andrew Lih, because they’re so accessible. “That’s what’s so great about her. She is like, ‘I’m not going to club you over the head with it. Just you read this conveyor belt of ridiculousness and draw your own conclusions.’ And I think that’s been the strength of her blog.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Christian wisdom often requires trusting God enough to avoid risky get-rich-quick schemes in favor of faithful stewardship, even if such stewardship is not considered trendy or popular.

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