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Scientists Who Say Faith in Christ Is Essential to Science

Many contemporary atheists give the impression that faith and science are completely incompatible. For instance, atheist Steven Pinker says, “The findings of science imply that the belief systems of all the world's traditional religions and cultures … are factually mistaken.” In his book, The Atheist Guide to Reality, Alex Rosenberg writes, “Atheism is a demanding, rigorous, breathtaking grip on reality, one that has been vindicated beyond reasonable doubt. It’s called Science.”

But there are many other voices that would disagree with this view. For instance:

MIT professor Jing Kong, who grew up in China and became a Christian, says, "My research is only a platform for me to do God's work. His creation, the way he made this world, is very interesting. It’s amazing, really.”

Andrew Goslar, Oxford professor of applied ethnobiology, claims, “My coming to faith in Christ did not rest on one single issue … It was holistic a redefining of perspectives that came together through every aspect of my life.”

Cambridge professor of experimental physics, Russell Cowburn, expresses what dozens of leading scientists agree with, “Understanding more of science didn't make God’s role smaller. It allows us to see his creative activity in more detail.”

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