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TikTok Mom Goes Viral After Toddler Outburst

Like many mothers of two-year-olds, Kayla Sullivan had just about had it with her son’s outbursts in public. So she recorded a video for her followers on the social video platform TikTok.

But unlike most moms, Sullivan did it with the poise and sense of humor of a seasoned television professional. That’s because Sullivan had experience as a television news reporter. So, her on-the-scene account from outside her child’s bedroom contained all the rhythms and cadences of a live news report.

Sullivan says in her TikTok, “Reporting live from outside my son’s bedroom where he is currently being detained until naptime is over. Now this story does involve a minor so I can’t release specifics. But what I can confirm is my son is a 2-year-old terrorist who held me hostage at the Olive Garden earlier today.”

Sullivan concluded her story by explaining that an attentive server in the restaurant responded to her son’s tantrum by quickly bringing a bottle of ketchup. She then summed up the situation with an epitaph: “Unfortunately, her good deed was later punished after he threw a ketchup-covered fork at her. Not all heroes wear capes, but this one should’ve worn an apron.”

After the TikTok video went viral, Sullivan was back on the airwaves as an interview guest. She said, “He’s not actually a 2-year-old terrorist. But sometimes it does feel like he’s holding me hostage in public.”

Ultimately, according to Sullivan, she just wants other parents that experience similar behavior from their children to know that they’re not alone.

Possible Preaching Angle:

There is joy to be found in the everyday struggles of parenting if we can keep our wits and maintain a sense of humor, for God is at work in any and every situation, even the most mundane.

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