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Remote Village Requires Surgery from Residents

If you thought the stringent requirements of your homeowner’s association were bad, don’t even think about relocating to Villas Las Estrellas. The small community is home to a group of mostly scientists. But instead of pledging to keep the grass trimmed to a certain length, potential adult residents must agree to a series of health-related screenings, including a willingness to have an appendectomy.

That’s because Villas Las Estrellas is a small remote village in Antarctica, where temperatures are extremely cold and civilization is far, far away. Residents must submit to a voluntary appendectomy because if their appendix were to burst, they would need immediate medical attention, and the nearest hospital is more than 600 miles away.

That said, living in the village is far from solitary confinement. The village contains a bank, a school, a post office, and other basic necessities. Tourists also come through for skiing and snowmobiling expeditions.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Becoming a disciple of Jesus means submitting everything we are--including our bodies--to Christ's lordship.

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