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Jesus Saves a Runner

When Tyler Moon lined up for a 10-mile race, he decided to write an inspiring message where other runners normally placed their name. So, he printed the words "Jesus Saves" on his bib. As he approached mile eight, the otherwise healthy 25-year-old collapsed. He had suffered a heart attack. His heart stopped pumping blood for approximately 10 seconds after he experienced an irregularly fast heartbeat. The odds of surviving an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest are very low.

But fortunately, Moon had someone right behind him who could help. A certified registered nurse anesthetist was hot on his heals. And when Moon collapsed, he rushed over, accessed the situation, and began CPR. Several other runners stopped to assist till paramedics arrived.

Ironically, the name of the runner who saved Moon's life was Jesus Bueno. “We all worked together,” Bueno said, explaining that a large group of people stopped running to help Moon. “It went pretty darn smooth, in the scheme of things.”

Moon later shared on the Today show:

The fact that God placed all these wonderful, incredible human beings right behind me; it’s amazing to think of them and what they’ve done for me. I hope that people are encouraged to take that CPR class, to help a stranger, to help someone in need. That’s the big message I really want to get across.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Jesus does save, but he involves regular people like you and me. Those who bear his name "to help a stranger, to help someone in need."

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