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Couple Sues Only Son for Failing to Procreate

Like many parents of grown children, Sadhana and Sanjeev Prasad of India are frustrated at the lack of grandchildren in the picture. But, the Prasads resorted to a desperate tactic to force their son’s hand. They are suing him.

The couple's legal representative said, “They raised him, educated him, made him capable, made him a pilot -- which was expensive.” The Prasad’s filed a suit against their son and daughter-in-law, seeking damages in the amount of 50 million Indian rupees, or about $643,000 in US dollars. “They see people in their neighborhood playing with their grandchildren and feel like they should also have one. They said they didn't marry (their son and daughter-in-law) off so that they can live alone. So, they said, in the next year, either give us a grandchild or give us compensation.”

According to CNN, such lawsuits are rare, but they highlight the strong familial traditions in India, where carrying on the family line is of utmost importance. Lawsuits like this reflect the inevitable conflicts that arise from generational shifts in perspective that include a stronger focus on work and career over raising a family.

Possible Preaching Angle:

When we struggle with frustration, uncertainty, and anxiety, lashing out does not get us any closer to what we want. Rather, we are instructed to trust God for our needs, and remain loving and patient with those around us.

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