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1 in 3 Teens Don’t Feel Safe in School

Horrific gun violence in schools continues to be an ongoing problem in America, but a new study finds children around the globe are fearing for their safety as well. Researchers have found that one in three adolescents say they feel unsafe in their own school. Importantly, these children did not come from the US, researchers surveyed adolescents from 13 nations throughout Europe and Asia between 2011 and 2017.

Concerningly, two in three children in Japan say they feel unsafe when they go to class. Other countries at the top of the spectrum include Vietnam (1 in 2 children), Russia (1 in 2 children), and China (1 in 2 children). At the opposite end of the spectrum, just 11 percent of girls in Finland and eight percent of boys in Norway fear going to school.

Researchers believe one of the biggest components in creating a school environment that feels safe is the relationship between teachers and students. The study finds that if a student feels their teacher cares about them, they’re more likely to feel safe in school. Fair, clear, and consistent rules while in class also contributed to a student’s feeling of safety.

Meanwhile, students who experience bullying reported feeling less safe on school grounds. Researchers add that the result of feeling less safe at school can lead to mental health problems, which stay with a child throughout their life.


Chris Melore, “Classroom insecurity: 1 in 3 teens worldwide don’t feel safe in their own school,” Study Finds (6-6-22)

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